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R1-1 Offical Regulatory Stop Signs 3M reflective
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Price: varies by size
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Item #: R1-1 STOP -

R1-1 Stop sign design meets Official MUTCD design standards,.080 Aluminum Made in USA2 mounting holes3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material - Choose the Right grade for your use:3M HIP High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Series 3930- 10 year3M DG3 Diamond Prismatic Reflective Sheeting - 12 year - 4 times brighter than HIP providing maximum visibility day and night. 3M DG3 meets or exceeds DOT and MUTCD specifications for most State, County and Federal Road projects. ...

Small R1-1 Stop Sign 18" HIP Reflective .080 Aluminum-Not for streets
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R1-1 -18"HIP
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Item #: R1-1 -18"HIP -

18" Stop Sign R1-1-18 HIP Grade Reflective Red/White Copy On .080 Aluminum NOTE : 18 inch Size Stop Sign Does Not Meet DOT Or MUTCD Size Standards for Roads -Good For Bike trails, Golf Courses, Walking Trails Etc.

Do Not Enter 30" EGP  R5-1
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Item #: R5-1 -

Do Not Enter R5-1, 3M Reflective , .080 Aluminum, Official regulatory traffic signMUTCD Use and Guidance: The DO NOT ENTER sign, if used, should be placed directly in view of a road user at the point where a road user could wrongly enter a divided highway, one-way roadway, or rampThe sign should be mounted on the right-hand side of the roadway, facing traffic that might enter the roadway or ramp in the wrong direction. See link for more information:

R1-2 Yield aluminum traffic sign
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Item #: R1-2 -

R1-2 Yield 36 Inch Red/White Copy 3M Hip Reflective Official Regulatory Traffic Sign Made Of .080 Aluminum 2 Holesvehicles Controlled By A Yield Sign Need To Slow Down Or Stop (Giv

Wrong Way Sign R5-1A   18" x 30" .....  Choose  HIP or Diamond Grade
Price: $45.00
R5-1A 18"
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Item #: R5-1A 18" -

Wrong Way Sign R51A 24X36 HIP High intensity Prismatic Grade  .080 Aluminum -never rusts.

All Way R1-4 6"x18" All-Way-Sign,R1-4
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Item #: R1-4 STOCK -

All Way Sign R14 6X12 Inch; 3M RetroReflective Red/White .080 Aluminum Sign Is Mounted Under Stop Signs At Intersections Where All Streets Stop

4-Way Sign R1-3 6"x12"
Price: $13.50
R1-3 EGP
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Item #: R1-3 EGP -

4Way Sign R13 .080 Aluminum Reflectivemount Under Stop Signs At Intersections With 4 Stop Signs .

FACP - Sign to identify Fire Alarm Control Panel
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FACP EGP- 6x12
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Item #: FACP EGP- 6x12 -

FACP Sign -  This sign often required by Fire Inspector for Fire Alarm Control Panel.   080 Aluminum Reflective  . Radius corners, 4 mounting holes in corners