Decorative Brick or stone pattern stencils designed for Concrete Stain Products, Decorative Brick design stencil,

Decorative Concrete Stencil Kits will produce beautiful and lasting imitation BRICK, TILE, COBBLE, or NATURAL STONE stencil designs on unattractive concrete surfaces, driveways, sidewalks, decks, steps, patios etc. Use for Home improvement or at a place of business, health club, sports facility, retirement center, swimming pool, or anywhere cosmetics, resurfacing, slipping or safety may be a problem. Designed for Concrete Stain Products and skid resistant products, using a commercial grade hopper gun.

Kits are engineered to butt together or overlap forming continuous patterns.

Kits include: (4) 4' x 8' sheets, exception: S-5725, and S-5760. +/- 128 sq. ft. coverage. All patterns have an average 1/2" grout.

Stencil Game kits for schools, condos and playgrounds including basketball stencils, hopscotch stencils, shuffleboard stencils Call First Sign For Official Traffic Signs, Construction Safety Signs, Street Signs, Waterway Markers, Property Management Signs, Address Plaques And More!