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Channel Marker SG1-24"x24" - Port Daymark
Price: $90.00
SG-1 24
Availability: Allow 8-10 days production
Item #: SG-1 24 -

SG-1 24"x24" Green Channel Marker for ODD NUMBERS*Square waterway marker on Alodine treated aluminumFluorescent background and high intensity numbers and borders,Made to FWC and Coast Guard Specs. Also called Port Daymark in Aid to navigation SPECIAL ORDER--call or email any questions

CHANNEL MARKER SG1 -36"x36" - Port Daymark
Price: $224.00
SG-1 36
Availability: Allow 8-10 days production
Item #: SG-1 36 -

SG-1 36"x36" Channel Marker for ODD NUMBERS* Square waterway marker- also called Port Daymark.080 aluminum or .125 Aluminum (Coast Guard Spec)Green Fluorescent background and high intensity Green Reflective numbers and borders  Made to FWC and Coast Guard Specs

Channel Marker TR-1- 36" - Starboard Daymark
Price: $110.00
TR-1 36
Availability: Allow 8-10 days production
Item #: TR-1 36 -

TR-1 36" Isosceles Triangle 36" X 36" X 36" .080 alodized aluminum made to FWC and Coast Guard SpecsChannel Marker For Even NumbersTriangle Waterway Marker is also known as Starboard Daymark or daybeacon In Aids To Navigation.Reflective High Intensity Numbers and Day Glow Fluorescent Red Background

Red Channel Marker, starboard daymark or day beacon
Price: $186.70
TR-1 48
Availability: Allow 8-10 days production
Item #: TR-1 48 -

Tr1 48 Isosceles Triangle 48 Height X 48 Base Daymark Or Red Waterway Channel Marker. Made To FWC And Coast Guard Specs . Also Known As Starboard Daymark or daybeacon . Used for marking channels - also for entering Marinas and private waterwaysOn .125 aluminum or .080 Aluminum Red Fluorescent Background And Red High Intensity Reflective Numbers

All daymarkers, or waterway channel markers, are manufactured in USA with Coast Guard Approved fluorescent background and high intensity reflective numbers and borders on alodized aluminum per specifications.

  • (* You must Specify Numbers where noted) Please allow up to 8-10 days for delivery, although many times we are able to ship sooner. Excess freight or shipping charges may apply on Large sizes
  • Larger size Markerer has a nominal range of 1 nautical mile.
  • Smaller size is visible 1/2 nautical mile and intended for privately marked channels.