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Fire Rated Wall Do Not Penetrate Stencil
Price: $108.70
S-fire Rated
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Item #: S-fire Rated -

2" copy: FIRE RATED WALL DO NOT PENETRATE (2 lines)- Flexible Durolast 1/16" Plastic Stencil Fire Code Wall Marking Stencil often required by Fire Marshall.Made in USAMade of Durolast 1/16 " Flexible -non-porus plastic; Bend it and dried paint easily flakes

Compact 4"
Price: $39.00
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3M Item #: compact4 -

Stencil with 4" letters to read : COMPACT   Stencil  Made of  Duro Plastic   for Parking curbs, Marking parking spaces 

Fire Lane 12"  Stencil for Road marking
Price: $80.00
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3M Item #: S-120910D -

Fire Lane 12" Duro stencil reads: Fire Lane in 12" copy .Use for : Marking Parking lots, Pavement Marking.

Road Marking Stencils & Fire Lane Stencils are easy to use and easy to clean.

Use for : Marking Parking lots, Pavement Marking, stencils for Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers, Parking Garage and more .

#1 Advantage is the non-porus flexible plastic material-which is easy to clean. Paint flakes off when dry. Most stencils stocked in 1/16" Durolast , also available  in heavy duty Maxilast 1/8"plastic

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