Proper placement of a yield sign on the side of a roadway or on-ramp cautions drivers to either slow down or prepare to stop in order to give way to drivers coming from another direction. The traffic yield sign from First Sign Corp. is easy to see thanks to the 3M reflective HIP or DG3 grade sheeting used. The 36-inch red/white street yield sign is also made out of durable .080 aluminum and has center mount holes on it to keep it in place. The 36" official yield sign meets all DOT specifications.

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    Item #: R1-236 HIP

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    R1-2 Yield 36 Inch Red/White Copy 3M Hip Reflective

    Official Regulatory Traffic Sign Made Of .080 Aluminum 2 Holes

    vehicles Controlled By A Yield Sign Need To Slow Down Or Stop (Giv

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