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Installing official speed limit signs is imperative to controlling vehicle traffic on public roadways, as well as regulating the speeds at which drivers are traveling in a private community. The official traffic regulatory sign from First Sign Corp. is made in the USA from a heavy .080 aluminum treated with Alodine. It also meets all MUTCD reflectivity requirements thanks to the 3M Scotchlite Prismatic Reflective Material, which is available in HIP and DG3 grade materials. Please specify which speed limit number you need when ordering this sign, and be sure to check whether your state or county requires the use of DG3 grade material for traffic speed limit signs.

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    Item #: R2-130-HIP
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    Meets MUTCD reflectivity requirements for roadways. Check your specifications for Reflective type. Regulate and Slow down traffic in Public roads or Private communities.

    • HIP High Intensity Prismatic Type III -10 yr - often used for private communities, private church and school areas and parking roads.
    • DG3 Diamond Grade Prismatic Type XI - 12 yr - May be required on State and County maintained road projects - Be sure to check your print, specifications
    • NOTE: Specify Speed limit number when ordering
    • Alodine treated .080 Aluminum Made in USA
    • Meets official MUTCD design standards
    • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Prismatic Reflective Material
    • White/Black copy
    • Round corner, center mount holes.