Do Not Enter Sign - Used to prevent road user from wrongly entering a divided highway, one-way road or ramp.

  • Buy Official Traffic sign, best quality - Made in USA.
  • 3M RetroReflective white
  • .080 Aluminum alodine treated,
  • Guaranteed not to rust,
  • center mount holes Meets DOT specs
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    Do Not Enter R5-1, 3M Reflective , .080 Aluminum, Official regulatory traffic sign

    MUTCD Use and Guidance:

    The DO NOT ENTER sign, if used, should be placed directly in view of a road user at the point where a road user could wrongly enter a divided highway, one-way roadway, or ramp

    The sign should be mounted on the right-hand side of the roadway, facing traffic that might enter the roadway or ramp in the wrong direction. See link for more information:

    source : MUTCD, 2009 Edition, published by FHWA at

    Official Traffic Regulatory sign MADE IN USA

    Heavy .080 aluminum -alodine treated, will not corrode or rust

    3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material white background .

    Round corner, center mount holes.