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(Of course, our pros at First Sign are always available to help you!) A few things to consider in designing the best sign:

1. Simplicity

  • Signs that are readable from a distance or from a moving vehicle should be short and to the point.

2. Legibility

  • Readable Letters are important; In most cases a simple Bold Font (or type style) is best.
  • Block style letters are easier to read, medium or bold letters may read better than thin letters. (note: Helvetica Type style is highly ranked for readability and often used for Airports and Public facilities.)
  • Bold Block or simple type styles will get attention and will be more readable than decorative script type styles. You can test your type style by a typing a word in several type-styles. Tape it up on a wall and view it from across the room

3. White space

  • Allow for open area around your sign message. A crowded sign layout does not attract viewers.
  • 60% White area and 40% copy may be a good rule of thumb. This gives your sign breathing area and gives your lettering a contrast to the background.

4. Colors and contrast

  • Strong contrast between Background Color and Lettering Color is essential for a good sign layout Colors
  • Strongest color Contrast combinations rated in order of legibility from a distance:
    1. 1.Black on Yellow,
    2. 2.White on Black,
    3. 3. Yellow on Black,
    4. 4.Black copy on White,
    5. 5.Blue on white,
    6. 6.white on blue,
    7. 7.Blue on yellow,
    8. 8.Yellow on blue,
    9. 9.Green on white,
    10. 10.White on Green,
    11. 11.Red on White,
    12. 12.White on Red,
    13. 13.Red on Yellow,
    14. 14.Yellow on Red.

5. Sign Location

  • Outdoors Consider distance and traffic speeds when designing your sign.
  • Example A:· Sign used on building or along a road (100 ft from road) – Traffic speed will affect readability, example : A car passing a sign with 6” letters at 25 mph, 6” letters will be legible for 8.2 seconds. At a faster speed of 45 mph, 6” letters will be legible for only 4.5 seconds.
  • Example B: Indoor signs in a Mall or building: 1” letters can be read by most viewers at 10 ft – (30 ft if 20/20 vision) 5” letters can be read by most viewers at 50 ft – (150 if 20/20 vision)

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