10" Hazardous Materials Warning Sign NFPA 704 - 4 Color indoor/outdoor printed on Sturdy .040 White Aluminum. - Enter the numbers for your sign in area below

Numbers are unique to each property Note: Your local fire department can give you these numbers or symbols for your business at the time of your fire inspection.

Price: $25.00
    Item #: Haz-Mat .040
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    white blank- ONLY if required: OX, or -W- No water (optional)
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    Hazardous Materials Sign 10" .040 Aluminum Sign - choose your unique numbers. Your Fire inspection report may have numbers required.

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) system uses a diamond-shaped diagram of symbols and numbers to indicate the degree of hazard associated with a particular chemical or material. To read more about NFPA ratings CLICK HERE for NFPA FAQ .

    ( In white diamond area) The special hazards in use are W, which indicates unusual reactivity with water and is a caution about the use of water in either fire fighting or spill control response, and OX, which indicates that the material is an oxidizer.