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S-Number Stencil Kit 12pc
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TSI Item #: S-Number Stencil Kit 12pc -

Number Stencil Kit 12 pc for Pavement marking. Made Of Flexible Nonporus Plastic; -Primary Advantage is easy maintenance as the non-porus flexible and durable 1/16"plastic stencil is easy to clean. Bend it and dried paint easily flakes off . Made in USAALSO AVAILABLE IN MAXILAST=.125 (1/8") 

Easy to use and clean - Use number stencils for

  • Marking parking space assignment, address on curbs, 
  • Building numbers, storage unit numbers
  • Shipping containers.

All of our Characters are a standard GOTHIC BLOCK style/font, but we are also capable of producing letters, numbers, or words in over 500 different styles or fonts and in other languages if needed. All styles and fonts are generated and stored on computer files for future recall and production. All wording stencils from 24" to 96" in height are designed around D.O.T. specifications and are designed to be read at a 22 degree angle. 

*STANDARD NUMBER KIT: includes 12 pc.; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 and 2 blanks.

 Please note these are our stock sizes listed. Anything not listed is considered custom.

Stencils come in 2 Plastic types: 

  • DUROLAST=.030 (1/16") Standard
  • MAXILAST=.125 (1/8") Heavy duty