Mark dangerous areas or warnings to boaters with durable .080 Aluminum signs. Background is white 3M EGP reflective with an orange reflective border and symbol. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Non-lateral markers and buoys provide safety information or warnings to boaters. They are orange and white in color. Shapes of the these aids have different meanings:

  • Square - General directions or information
  • Diamond - Dangerous conditions like rocks or reefs
  • Circle - Controlled areas or speed zones
  • Crossed Diamonds - Areas off limits to boats
Price: $190.80
    Item #: CG-1


    Water DANGER Sign CG-2 36" x 36"

    • Size: 36" x 36"
    • Alodine treated .080 Aluminum
    • 3M EGP Reflective white background
    • Border – Reflective Orange - black copy
    • Meets specification of USCG
    • 2 Standard holes for center mount post