The Florida Department of Health has laid out specific rules for those who operate public pools in the state. This Standard Pool Rules sign from First Sign Corp. highlights those rules and will allow you to operate your pool in accordance with Florida’s standard pool rules. The aluminum pool rules sign is 30” x 24” and features 1-inch lettering for the rules and 4-inch lettering for the words “NO DIVING.” The blue and white pool rules sign has a 3M EGP Reflective White background that makes it easy to see even during daylight hours. The Custom Pool Rules sign can also be changed to include a specific bathing load based on your pool size.

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    Florida Standard Pool Rules, size 30 H x 24" wide

    Florida Department of health requires specific wording for pool rules.

    Pool Rules. Lettering is required to be 1 inch and NO DIVING in 4 inch

    Sign reads:



    • No food, drink, glass or animals in pool or pool deck.
    • Shower before entering pool.
    • Bathing load --- persons (specify)
    • No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
    • Do not swallow the pool water
    • Do not use pool if you are ill with diarrhea.


    USE OUR Contact FORM, OR CALL us for colors, changes, or larger sign with additional rules or custom pool rules signs.

    • .080 Heavy Reflective Aluminum
    • 3M EGP Reflective White Background
    • Contact us if you need a custom sign, larger sign or changes