S-6425D Hopscotch Stencil Kit 9' high x 40" wide  in reUSA

ALSO AVAILABLE IN MAXILAST=.125 (1/8") Please call for special pricing and shipping costs

flexible Durolast /16" plastic

economical at 1/16" (.060 mil.) thick.  #1 advantage is easy maintenance - polyethylene plastic has a non-porous surface and is very flexible. After build-up, most paints (once dry) will flake or peel off by flexing the material.

Price: $122.40
    Item #: S-6425D Hopscotch

    Hopscotch Stencil Kit [9 Ft] 108 X 40 Duro 1/16 Flexible Nonporus Plastic; Bend It And Dried Paint Easily Flakes Off