S-5725D   SPANISH TILE/HEXAGON DUROLAST STENCIL KIT   choose 1/16 DURO or Heavy duty 1/8 Maxi Plastic--8pc ***

7-1/2" hexagon, (8 pack) (sq. Ft. 83.16)


Tile size: 3-1/2" x 7-½"   (sq. Ft. 99.62) (overlaps)


Spanish Tile Decorative Stencil Kits are designed to be used with most skid resistant and concrete stain products.  can be sprayed using a commercial grade hopper gun and  most concrete stains or skid resistant products. Paint and create a beautiful and lasting Tile design on unattractive surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, decks, steps, etc.).  Can be used at places of business, home, health club, sports facility, retirement centers, and more.   SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY   allow about 8 work days

Price: $322.90
    Item #: S5725D Spanish Tile Stenc


    Spanish Tile/Hexagon Duro Stencil Kit 8Pc Made Of Durolast 1/16 Flexible Nonporus Plastic; Bend It And Dried Paint Easily Flakes Off